The Mission of "The ACE School System" is to create a community of empowered learners in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust. Every student will be inspired and challenged to learn, grow, and accomplish academic, social and vocational goals.

A Message from the Chairman
Mian Abdul Karim

I would like to start from a quote of Quaid’s last Message on 14 August, 1948

“The foundation of your state have been laid and its now for you to BUILD and BUILD as quickly and as well as you can”

Unfortunately, during last 60 years, we built many schools, but fail to get positive out of them, on the average; we are standing nowhere in any scientific and technical skills. In 2009, we, as education pioneers decided to build a unique, fiercely independent, practical, open-minded institution that soon would be the largest and most important school in the country. Listen the buzz of activity, each day; we continue to break ground, literally, as our new educational home is being built. But in a much deeper way, we are also breaking new ground by creating an extraordinary, cutting-edge program that responds to the needs of the new generation and bridges their hopes to a wide array of new careers. When you visit our campuses, you would see a drive to serve others; the commitment to constantly improve, innovate, and redesign; the desire to reach beyond our most hopeful dreams; and the quest for continued knowledge and perfection of our craft in action. You would see enthusiasm in action—in the work of our academic centers; students, faculty, and staff; and in the descriptions our innovative educational programs.

Thank you for your interest in ACE. After you have looked through this web site, contact us to find out how you can begin your education.

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