The Mission of "The ACE School System" is to create a community of empowered learners in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust. Every student will be inspired and challenged to learn, grow, and accomplish academic, social and vocational goals.

Dear Zimal Fatima (Grade Prep)! Happy Birthday On this big day of your life, live your dream and do whatever you like to do. Make your birthday a happy and cheerful event.)
Roman Javid (Grade 6) is the Shining Star of The ACE School Lasani Branch for the Month of March, 2015 Dear Roman our messages to you is to give your best, believe in yourself, keep faith in God and never give too much stress to yourself. Values in life are beyond Examinations. May you live very long, successful and joyful:-)
  Admissions Open
  We proudly announce admission open in all the classes from "Play Group" to class "9" & "O" levels. There is 30% off for first 50 admissions and a special discount package for all the new admissions with the reference of worthy parents.
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